Quinta do Bomfim Visitor Centre

Identity, signage, exhibition and shop design for Quinta do Bomfim, one of the best vineyards of the Douro, in the heart of the world’s oldest demarcated wine region.

FBA worked with a vast in-house team of Symington Family Estates to create a visitor center where visitors are able to appreciate the rich heritage of this vineyard whilst visiting the winery and the old wine cellar, or they may enjoy a walk through the vineyards.

The property is owned by the Symington Family Estates, an entirely family-owned and managed company and a leading quality Port producer, responsible for the making of approximately 32% of all premium Port categories.
2017 Global Winner Best Of Wine Tourism The Awards of Excellence Great Wine Capitals


Symington Family Estates



Creative Direction

Joćo Bicker


Daniel Santos
António Silva

Type design

Daniel Santos

Furniture Design

Joćo Briosa


Luis Loureiro (SFE)

Research and content development

Miguel Potes (SFE)
Zélia Reis (SFE)

Photographs by
Joćo Margalha
Daniel Santos