Casa da Ribeira

Visual identity for Casa da Ribeira and design of three exhibitions: the permanent exhibition and two temporary exhibitions: "Arnaldo Malho, O Poeta do Ferro" and "Olarias".

Casa da Ribeira is a cultural space created by the City Council of Viseu with a mission to preserve memories of the lifestyle along the river Pavia banks and the surrounding communities. A place, once filled with barges and washerwomen working and drying clothes near the watermills.

Casa da Ribeira has a regular program of exhibitions and cultural experiences built around the regional cultural heritage. The two inaugural temporary exhibitions are a good example of this activity.
"Arnaldo Malho, O Poeta do Ferro", dedicated to the work of the blacksmith, born in Viseu, where wrought iron works were presented, in context with tools and craft specific objects.
"Olarias", an exhibition of clay objects from various regions of the district, including traditional and modern, utilitarian and decorative pieces.


Câmara Municipal de Viseu



Creative Direction

João Bicker


Daniel Santos
António Silva

Photography by
Daniel Santos