Secrets of light and matter

Exhibition and catalogue design.

This exhibit uses the scientific objects and instruments that belong to the collections of the University of Coimbra to explore light and matter. The exhibit features a series of experiments and interactive exhibits that allow the visitors to observe various phenomena, such a Newton’s experiments with light or the neurobiology of vision.

The Science Museum of the University of Coimbra is an interactive science museum that aims to provide visitors of all ages an entertaining environment in which to discover science. The Museum presents the University’s collections of scientific objects and instruments as well as a series of exciting exhibits and hands-on experiments. The Museum offers many activities, including temporary exhibits, guided tours, workshops and informal meetings with scientists.


Coimbra University Science Museum



Creative Direction

João Bicker

Exhibition Design

Joana Monteiro

Catalogue Design

João Bicker




João Mendes Ribeiro Arquitectos + Atelier do Corvo

Photographs by
Fernando Guerra
José Meneses