Fundamental Texts

Book series design.

Identification of thematic areas of published titles through color was the starting point of the FBA’s design approach, in response to the brief to the design the covers for the Fundamental Texts book series of the Lisbon University Press.

Making use of pre-existing color coding already recognised by the Portuguese public - which associates each Faculty of the University of Lisbon with a specific color - different chromatic palettes were created, establishing a connection of each book subject matter to the traditional color of the Faculty that studies that field of knowledge. This graphic strategy has the advantages of using color to achieve visual effective recognition and to symbolically involve the members of the University’s community as active participants in creating and disseminating knowledge.

The unity of the series’ design is further strengthened by the use of the same two type families across all the covers. Grotzec and Eudald News, both created by the Portuguese type designer, Mário Feliciano, are the typefaces adopted in this project.

The mission of the Lisbon University Press is to publish original manuscripts, of proven scientific and cultural merit, in all fields of knowledge; publish fundamental essays, in all fields of knowledge; publish volumes, resulting from singular cultural or institutional projects, whose topics are considered of relevant interest to the University of Lisbon.


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Ana Boavida, Ana Simões, Rita Marquito