Marketing book series cover design form Editora Actual.

This series seeks to bring to the market new ideas, concepts and systems allowing Marketing professionals to innovate in an extremely competitive arena and in a very segmented market, with consumers who are increasingly immune to advertising.
The design approach to the publisher's commission to create a cover design that reflected this positioning was achieved through the development of a computer application capable of generating visual artifacts from words. By analyzing the texts of each book, graphic elements are generated that mirror the frequency of the words in the book, creating a spatial correspondence between text and image. The result are unique covers with a strong visual identity, but with a coherent visual language.

A reference in the Portuguese publishing landscape in the areas of Economics and Management, Actual, part of the Almedina Group, caters to professionals of the economic sciences, publishing current global content with the contributions of the best specialists.


Actual Editora




Rita Marquito

Software development

Pedro Cruz

Daniel Santos